Period Products/Financial Assistance

Period Product Support for women, girls and those with the potential to menstruate.

Feminine hygiene products, sanitary products, menstrual products, period products, whatever you call them, they’re all the same–expensive! These products are a necessity, not a luxury, and they can put a strain on personal finances, causing many people to have to choose between purchasing products for their periods and purchasing food or other necessities. Having heavy or prolonged periods increases the need for these products, creating an even greater impact on personal and family budgets. This fund will provide gift cards for period products.


  1. The applicant is a member of the Eastern Pennsylvania Bleeding Disorders Foundation with a diagnosed bleeding disorder.
  2. The cost of period products is making it difficult to afford essential household bills.

To apply, please fill out the application request form


Contact Sarah Pilacik ( 610-770-5215) or Lisa Lee ( 610-883-3266)

How to Help

If you are in a position to help and would like to contribute, we welcome you to bring new, unopened packages of tampons, pads, period underwear, menstrual cups, etc., to EPBDF events to donate. These items will be available for others to take home with them at no cost.

Download pdf.