At Accredo, our goal is simple — to enhance the quality of life for those affected by bleeding disorders. Our unique hemophilia therapy support program is built upon our strong history of innovation, our deep personal commitment to you and the community, and our founding principles: information is empowering, and choices are life-giving. Our clients are served by a dedicated care team — a group of pharmacy, clinical, and reimbursement professionals — for a personal touch from people who know bleeding disorders. As a charter member of the Keystone Corporate Partner program, we are proud to support the Eastern Pennsylvania Bleeding Disorders Foundation and its quality programs. For more information, contact Accredo’s patient advocate, Jim Segrave-Daly at 484-225-3788.


At Cottrill’s, we are dedicated to our patients. Part of that dedications means that we understand our patients are whole people, not a condition that needs treatment. Our patients are people with passions, people with goals and dreams, and people who devote their time to causes they care about. Cottrill’s understands that every patient’s situation is unique. Cottrill’s Pharmacy offers customized solutions based on your individual treatment plan by collaborating with your health care professionals to ensure your needs are met. We are also focused on providing outstanding care for patients with bleeding disorders, including the coordination of nursing services when prescribed by your health care provider. With Cottrill’s Pharmacy, you receive the focused attention and level of care you deserve. We take great care to follow your insurance guidelines as well as federal and state regulations. To learn more about our services, please contact Evelyn Tezak at or Tony Tezak at or by phone at (717) 557-6004 or (717) 480-8008, or visit for additional information.

CVS Specialty

CVS Specialty Pharmacy is proud to celebrate more than 40 years supporting the bleeding disorders community.  Our dedicated care team address the unique needs of individuals with Hemophilia and all bleeding disorders.  CVS continues to be a strong supporter of the Eastern Pennsylvania Bleeding Disorders Foundation.  For more information, please contact the CVS Specialty Hemophilia Care Program at 800.541.2934. Please also visit

Soleo Health is a local provider of complex specialty pharmacy and infusion services dedicated to the bleeding disorder community and the patients we serve. Our Bleeding Disorder Therapy Management Program is led by specialized care teams with extensive experience in Hemophilia A, B, Factor X Deficiency, Von Willebrand, and other factor deficiencies. We provide individualized services and education, which encourages your independence and enhances your care experience. For more information contact our local BD Territory Managers; Jane Newman by phone 703.585.8611 or email or Chris George at by phone 804.503.2414 or email Contact our local office us at 866.737.1919. Visit us online at