Mission Statement

Support in the following topics:

  • sharing experiences
  • new, traditional, or non-traditional treatments
  • insurance school/employment confidentiality
  • pain management
  • medical concerns related to the normal aging process, and how to treat them
  • financial assistance or tips for growing older comfortably

Mentor and Educate young adults and mothers/fathers so they may be prepared for any challenges ahead.

Advocate on issues affecting the adult and youth bleeding disorders population through one voice with a consistent message that focuses on Access to Care.

Provide Networking opportunities so that patients and caregivers can meet others in their community at various educational and social settings, which will hopefully lead to meaningful and long-lasting relationships.

Participate in Service Projects (ex. fund raising or chapter events) for the good of the bleeding disorders community.

The men, women, and teens in our community come together a couple times a year for different events. The events entail an educational aspect, but also are fun and most importantly bring everyone together to interact.

For more information contact:
Melanie Rosen:
Frank Lentini:

Women’s Groups!

Link to Women’s Group Interest Form

Please complete this form if you are interested in being on a list to know when the women’s groups will be meeting!  You are not committing to attending these meetings by completing this form, but are agreeing to receive emails from the leaders of the group. These groups will be for women 18+ who have a bleeding disorder or care for someone with a bleeding disorder.